Founder TiaCibani.com • New York

“I have worked with Jacqui Wenzel on a multitude of occasions and projects ranging from merchandising, sales outreach, PR and marketing, product placements, advertising and the list goes on. She is dynamic, hard working, clever, seasoned and smart. She definitely gets results!”


Founder JiOhNY.com • New York

“Jacqui is a very wise and professional woman. Her attitude towards work leads the brand to success. Jacqui's work ethics has a profound insight and sharp vision towards business. With these qualities, I find jacqui a very reliable group leader.”


Founder NonooNY.com • New York

"Jacqui Wenzel provided strategic advice in helping to differentiate Nonoo from it's competition in the early stages of the company's development. Jacqui specifically played a role in recruiting and hiring members of our executive team and provided constructive counsel in helping to take my business to the next level."


Founder & Co-Editor-in-Chief PaperMag.com • New York

“I worked with Jacqui many times when she was heading up Ports and had nothing but wonderful experiences with her. We did amazing events together and she was a super engaging brand ambassador for Ports. Because of this and because of Jacqui, we covered Ports often in our magazine.”


VP of Marketing & Communications NorisolFerrari.com • New York

"Jacqui, was an outstanding president with a hands on approach and a results driven attitude. I enjoyed and learnt so much from the 6 years that we worked together and given the opportunity I would work with her again.”


Director of Marketing Soffe.com • North Carolina

“I was fortunate enough to work with Jacqui while she launched Ports 1961. Her discerning vision joined with the ability to graciously execute are qualities I continue to admire. Her charisma and generosity are infectious and my hope is that we can collaborate in the future.”


Founder and Creative Director TauVC.com • New York / India

“Jacqui Wenzel's respect for fashion as Art and delicately balancing it with business is a true talent."


Founder Hellessy.com • New York

"During our time working together, Jacqui Wenzel has shown to be very resourceful and insightful in preparing our sales campaign and associated marketing."